Raasrang Holi Utsav - 2011

Celebrating the festive colors of Basant at the entrance to Raasrang Holi Utsav, Dilli Haaat,INA, 18th-19th March,2011.
Enthusiastic audience members recreate the Khari Holi from Uttarakhand where tolis go dancing and celebrating from House to House
Khari Holi from the hills of Uttarakhand has a strong folksy flavor that the Delhi audience enjoyed. Delhi Haat,INA, New Delhi.
Folk dancers from Uttarakhand celebrate the arrival of spring signified by Holi
The audience participate unabashedly and exuberantly. Only the costumes are a give away
Bhaiti Holi in sharp contrast to Khari Holi celebrates the coming of spring by singing Holi songs set to classical Raagas. These songs rehearsed through the severe cold lend hope of the coming spring.
Braj ki Holi. The energy and playfulness of Krishna and His Gopis playing Holi was recreated by the Braj mandali
Famous Lath Maar Holi from Barsana was demonstrated and drew loud applause and participation by Delhites
Fragrant Rose water from Pichkaris sprinkled over the audience amidst laughter and fun.
Phoolon Ki Holi from Vrindvan. Baskets of Rose and Marigold petals were flung around in gay abandon.
Young band – Faridkot rocked the evening and had Delhi youngsters celebrating at another level.
Love Peace Water

18th - 19th March 2011
Dilli Haat, INA , New Delhi
Krishnaprerna's Raasrang Holi Utsav has over the years, endeavoured to recreate traditional forms of holi celebration from different parts of India and encourage audience participation. From Benaras ki holi and Marwar ki holi in the past to Barsane ki Lathmaar holi,  Ploolon ki holi, Khari and Baithi holi from Uttrakhand in it's 5th edition, Krishnaprerna continues it's effort to showcase and keep alive these and other traditional modes of celebration and festivity.