Krishna Prerna’s most cherished project – SAANS- sponsors young gifted flautists to train under a maestro in a residency program. The 4th edition opened with sponsored upcoming young talent – Atul Krishan and Kartikye Vashist.
Argentinean musicologist Pablo Salcedo enthralled the audience with a unique variety of wind instruments exploring the nuances of each special piece and creating unforgettable melodies.
Raho Langsep from Estonia introduced haunting sounds on a wide range of traditional flutes accompanied by Lilian Langsepp on the romantic harpsichord.
Arguably one of India’s most gifted flautists, Pandit Ajay Prasanna played melodious tunes to the delight of an applauding audience.
India- born Deepak Ram from the USA touched a nostalgic chord through traditional melodies on the bansuri.
Krishna Prerna’s popular section FLOW – a platform for young musicians from different parts of the world to jam impromptu saw the truth of the saying ‘music has no language’ – Rajat Prasanna on flute and Rie Ona from Japan on the saxophone.
Pablo Salcedo demonstrates the unique meditative and spiritual dimension of the dulcet flute.
Raasrang World Flute Festival – edition 4 – resurrected languishing traditional wind instruments from different parts of the world – Argentina, Estonia and South Africa among others.
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Dates: 28th - 30th August, 2013
Venue : Lotus Temple, New Delhi