Director General - ICCR – Shri Satish Mehta gave an inspiring speech on the inaugural day.
Ceremonial, resonant beats on traditional South Korean instruments.
South Korea’s unique wind instruments played by Sungpil Yang (Daegeum) and Seounghwi Park (Piri).
China - Hu Yulin played lilting melodies on a variety of flutes including the Xiao giving us a glimpse of the beauty of China.
Bhutan - Jigme Drukpa introduced the sleeping flute, bamboo whistle and transverse flute to the delight of the audience, supported by Yeshi on the string fiddle to evoke the serene mountains of Bhutan.
India - Rasika Chandrashekar on the Flute also choreographed a 5-act presentation using Bharat Natyam dance form.
Belgium - Flow: Unique Indo-Belgian collaboration using saxophone, sarangi and traditional flute.
Afghanistan - Zalai Pakta and Mohammad Nazir Nabizada from Afghanistan creating magic and erasing boundaries.
Bangladesh - Festive music from Bangladesh using a variety of flutes and the Dotara.
Ambassador of the Republic of Korea - Joon-Gyu-Lee promising cultural ties between the two nations on the inaugural day.
Raasrang World Flute Festival edition 5 was a fine reflection of the festivals’ growing popularity, with global participation of seven countries.
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Dates: 22nd - 24th August, 2014
Venue : Lotus Temple, New Delhi