Raasrang Holi Utsav - 2012

Yaoshang Holi from Manipur ' Airborne'
Holi Cow !!
Haath Mein Lath - Maar Maar ke Khelen - Lathmaar Holi - from Barsana, birthplace of Radha Rani
Grand finale with folksy Rajasthan Roots and vibrant sound of the Desert.
Spring dance from Punjab
The famous ' Mayur Dance' of Braj ki Holi
Holi Cow looks on approvingly as the audience joins in to play energetic Yaoshang Ki Holi from Manipur
The rhythmic Holi full moon dance
Thabal - Dance in a circle - traditional Manipuri Holi celebration that encourages interaction between young boys and girls, afterall spring is in air
Getting drenched in the spirit of Holi from Vrindavn - fragrant gulab sprinkled and the audience loved it !
Gujiyas, Choora Matar,Kalmi Vadas, Kurkurre Palak Ki Chaat, & Kanji Vadas - Holi ke Pakwan had people eating out of hands
United Colors of Holi
Young & immensely popular band ' Advaita ' had youngsters swaying to their melodies, specially composed for Raasrang Holi Utsav -2102.
Jamming, jiving & dancing in gay abandon. That's the spirit of Raasrang Holi Utsav
Bhangra desi boys & the city girls - Share stage space, fun & laughter as they sang & danced together spontaneously
Organic colors on Basanti Rickshaw was a special stop over.
India's tomatina - different hues of Life
Braids of color - Your entry pass to the Raasrang Holi Utsav.

Krishnaprerna's Raasrang Holi Utsav has over the years, endeavoured to recreate traditional forms of holi celebration from different parts of India and encourage audience participation. FromBenaras ki holi and Marwar ki holi in the past to Barsane ki Lathmaar holi,  Ploolon ki holi, Khari and Baithi holi from Uttrakhand in it's 5th edition, Krishnaprerna continues it's effort to showcase and keep alive these and other traditional modes of celebration and festivity in the 6th edition.
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2nd - 4th March 2012
Dilli Haat, INA , New Delhi
Program 5:30 PM Onwards
2nd March 3rd March 4th March
5:30pm: Punjab Bhangra Join the famous punjabi harvest dance. 7:30 pm: Advaita Band : Rang Rasiya. An eclectic fusion band will bring Holi alive with unique compositions guaranteed to make you sing & dance
5:30 pm: Braj ki Holi : Rangon ki Puhar Laath Maar Barsane ki Holi, Phoolon ki Holi and Abhir Gulal Holi 7:30 pm: Thabal Chongba: Manipuri folk dance Dance in circle to the beat of Mridangs and Dhols
5:30 pm: Yaoshang : Manipur ki Holi Beat the drums and dance 7:30 pm: Rajasthan Roots : Contemporary folk music Grand finale with Khurtal, Bhapang, Morchang, Dholak, Nagaras, Dhol and Kalbelia dancers